What is Office ​365?

Calvert County Public Schools is providing access to Office 365, a web based service that provides a feature-rich set of tools for collaboration using Microsoft cloud-based products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint and cloud based email.  Thru our licensing agreement with Microsoft, currently enrolled students and employees can also download and install Microsoft Office Pro Plus, providing you with the latest Office applications on your home computer and mobile devices.​​​

Who can access Office 365?

CCPS employees and currently enrolled students can access the cloud-based office suite, install copies of Microsoft Office to their home and mobile devices and utilize the online collaboration tools.

Employees who would like to take full advantage of Office 365's collaborative features should have Office 2013 installed on their workstation.


What about privacy?

The primary use of Office 365 is for educational purposes and school-related activities. When using Office  365 or any computer related hardware or software, staff and students must adhere to district and school expectations, specifically the Acceptable Use Policy and CCPS Policy 2718

Students should have no expectation of privacy in an electronic environment.  Student Office 365 accounts are considered property of Calvert County Public Schools and are subject to the same search and seizure laws that govern school lockers. These expectations will be reviewed with students during the Code of Student Conduct meetings as well as when they are introduced to Office 365.   Parents may review Microsoft’s comprehensive security, compliance and privacy statement here.  


How do students change their password?

Students may opt to change their assigned password at any time via the Change Password service.